A Diamond in the Rough Hat

When you dig deep on the Internet, you sometimes find that diamond in the rough. The Jefferson Hat is that rare free knitting pattern for a classic hat. Created by designer Hanna Baker, the patterns for this hat can be found deep into the pages of Interweave.

At first glance, it may not be anything special. But look closer and the subtle ribs, the use of fingering yarn and the shape of this hat is simply sublime. This would make a beautiful gift in a luxury yarn, such as merino wool.
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Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Like you, we have stashes of yarn in various locations around our house. A hat pattern is a great opportunity to use up some spare yarn. Let’s say, you have 300 yards of worsted yarn. What hats could you make with this amount of yarn. Enter the search parameters:
Yarn weight – worsted
Yarns in yards – 201-300 yds
Project: hats

That will show you the hats in our search engine that you can knit with that amount of yarn.
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