We have Mittens on our Mind

As the days are getting colder and darker, we’ve been thinking about making mittens. We’ve picked our favorite mittens knitting patterns and put them in our 321knit search engine.

Here’s how you can find them on 321knit.com.
Go to our “search patterns” page:

Select gloves and mittens in the project category:

And voila, the pages for 15 wonderful knitting patterns for mittens come up.
You’ll see there are three pages of knitting patterns to look through. Here’s the first page of patterns:

Once you see the pattern you want, in the size you want, click on the title or the image. Say, you like the snug knitting pattern.

On this page you’ll glean the details for this pattern, such as the yarn weight, yarn length, and knitting needles you’ll need:

You may already have the right amount of yarn in your stash and want to get the pattern, click on the get pattern button.
That will take you to the page with the pattern to purchase and download.

You can also use the search engine to narrow your search. For example, you can look for mittens knitting patterns available for 400 – 500 yds of worsted yarn, because that’s how much yarn you have in your closet.